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'Making what matters to me; pictorial.'
Reflections on everyday life, specially sensations and observations derived from social cultural changes, are the themes I try to translate in fine art. Through a visual thinking process I try to make matter (what matters to me) the pivot of the work. I try to visualize these awareness in a problem solving process. My notebooks can attest to that. By searching for metaphors, abstraction, selection, analysis, exploration, comparison I find a translation in an image. Another way of starting a visual process is possible by experimenting with soft material. Bundling, pleading, rolling up, folding, all kinds of treaties who are specific for soft material (vormgevende handelingen/shaping actions). It often leads to a series of abstract forms. Art principles and ranges of expressive elements added to the visual process enhance abstract work.
Abstract art is not just playing with form and colour.
My abstract art can even reflect the sensitive qualities of our existence. So I make the invisible present. To help to understand what it's about I use titles as 'Mutations', the Void,' present through absence', 'deflated frames', 'the Other', 'Fragmentation of our existence', 'Sectarianism', 'Floating between being there and not being there', 'Colourful meanings', 'mood sticks', 'Embracing Emptiness'.

"The essence of an image is its ability to convey meaning through sensory experience. Pictures and language are established conceptual modifiers; they are the outer shells of actual meaning. Without form an image cannot carry a visual message into consciousness. Thus it is the organized forms that deliver the visual concept that makes an image legible." (R. Arnheim)



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