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Marlies Lebesque

Born in Heerlen 1951

It starts with perceptions, insights that are linked with feelings. Through awareness, I try to get a hold of these perceptions. My note books can attest to that.I write down the analysis through a visualization process. By searching for the right words (metaphors) a visual translation appears. This is how I show my vision of reality, most often through abstract visual language. Abstract art is not just playing with form and color. It speaks and makes statements. In addition, there are expressive elements such as movement, harmony, rest, emptiness, chaos and clarity that can enhance abstract work.
In this way, my abstract art can even reflect the sensitive qualities of our existence. Abstract art can show the invisible such as the emptiness, the other, the fragmented of our contemporary existence. These are recurring subjects.

- Visual artist ( full time since 1999)
- Art rental Sirene BK (since 2004)
- Art History, literary faculty Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht 1992
- Part time teacher visual art (0.6 fte) at the teacher training TeHaTex in Utrecht from 1978 - 1993, in addition to being a visual artist
- Categorizing and describing the art collection of the Nederlands Textiel Museum, Tilburg 1990
- Articles in the trade publication 'Beeldende Vorming' 1987-1992
- Academy of Industrial Design, Eindhoven 1978
- Textile Design, teacher training, Tilburg 1973

Selected Exhibits
2015: Projektraum Bahnhof 25 Kleve
2015: lente riten, ArToll Bedburg Hau
2014: Artoll winterlabor, Bedburg-Hau
2014: galerie Kokon Tilburg (zomersalon)
2013: Winterlabor Artoll Bedburg-Hau
2013: Zomersalon galerie Kokon met Har van der Put, Ron van de Ven, e.a.
2011: Solo exhibit in galerie 59, Amsterdam
2011: Line Art, traveling exhibit with various artists, Den Bosch
2010: Contrasts in Balance, dual exhibit, Terpkerkje, Urmond
2010: Falling apart Together, part 2, Kruithuis, Den Bosch
2007: Falling apart Together, ABP Headquarters, Heerlen
2005: Holes are falling in our existence, paintings, objects, thread drawings, Kaatsheuvel
2004: Thread Drawings and Empty Shapes, painting and textile, Zevenbergen
1983: Solo, Galerie Zero, Tilburg
1975: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (group exhibit).


Solo expositie in galerie 59, Amsterdam photo: Larry Hamill